Chef Colin Miller

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Food from the Heart

I approached Colin Miller with just an idea:  food from the heart for my wife’s 50th birthday. He did an amazing job. The food- spectacular was only eclipsed by Colin’s “down-home” manner and desire to please.  

He conceived a menu: delightful southern meets mountain meets gourmet. This fusion of personal delights was out of this world. Once he and I agreed on the plan, he arrived a few hours ahead of time, got to work. He had all his ingredients and the kitchen was spotless.  

We actually had some fun congregating around the stove and oven watching him cook. With a little wine flowing, we asked him about his steps along the way and then ensued a “class” of sorts where Colin shared his secrets. We then went back to the dining room, sat down and enjoyed each course, bite by bite.

The man has soul, the man has heart and the man has passion. He also does a fine job of making awesome food taste great. Please come back!

Gary G.
Memphis, TN

I Know This to be True

Colin Miller was raised in Memphis and Perry County Tennessee. He grew up in a family of love for each other and food that met the need to satisfy the stomach, but the heart and soul to be nourished as well. Colin is not only a talented cook but also has his Teacher's License and his Masters in Native American Studies and is a great outdoorsman. He is kind, intelligent, and wants to bring his clients well prepared and presented food for their happiness. He can cook anything from cassoulet to paté to squash casserole.

I know this to be true because I am proudly, his Mother.

Anne M.
Memphis, TN

Much More than Just Cook

I have known Colin's family for more than 30 years and have known Colin personally and professionally over the past 20+ years. In 2017, I helped my retired parents hire Colin as a personal chef, companion and assistant in order to help my parents maintain a high quality lifestyle as they aged. I sought out Colin for his vast experience cooking in many top restaurants around the country and in private homes for families in Florida, Memphis and Colorado. I was also looking for someone who has the flexibility to travel between multiple locations and work within different homes.

Colin's work included being a personal chef for my parents cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as hosting small and large dinner parties. However, Colin did much more for the family than just cook. He did shopping, sourcing fresh ingredients, meal preparation, bartending, service, and kitchen maintenance. He also assisted in caring for the family dog, problem solving, minor handy man projects, technical support with computers and home electronics, as well as some driving. Colin's openness to travel and working in different locations throughout the year made him a great candidate for my parents.

Colin has a service-first mindset which is hard to find and was extremely important in such an intimate setting as working in a private home. This was critical in our hiring decisions. Having successful and active retired parents, my brother and I knew that we needed a special kind of support if my parents were to continue to thrive as they aged, both mentally and physically, especially if they wanted to maintain living in three primary locations throughout the year.

Colin did a fantastic job of customizing meals and meal planning to include family recipes as well as introducing new and varied meals. Colin was mindful of dietary restrictions and the importance of healthy meal planning as one of the best medicines to keep the body and mind young. Colin did a nice job of assisting my parents in many daily tasks to improve their quality of life while also remaining in the background as to not intrude or interfere with their daily activities and lifestyle.

Will D.
Memphis, TN